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Electronic Request Form

In an effort to continuously improve services to the citizens of our county we have a new Electronic Request Form. You can now request services from us by using our website. This new form will make us efficient and be responsive to citizen requests. Please feel free to provide feedback and suggestions to make this solution even better. Please fill in all the key information, then press the E-mail button to email the form as an attachment to the Clerk of Courts.

If manually attaching the request form to email please send to:;;

  Electronic Request Form

MyCase.IN.Gov   or   Doxpop

MyCase.IN.Gov and Doxpop are tools intended to help the public access court information easily and without having to make a trip to the courthouse. Click the image below for service or other court information on a particular case.   OR

One of our most common inquiries via E-Mail is for records used for genealogical research. We are working to get some of these records online, but you will have to work directly with the offices involved or a local research agent until all records are available. Please note that most of our offices do not have the resources to do research on your behalf.

The fee for obtaining a copy of a marriage record is $1.00 for each copy, or $4.00 for a certified copy. If requesting a copy via mail, enclose a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of your copy.

23,604 marriage records have been entered so far, covering the period from March 1811 to December 1903.

To check for Divorce Approval call   (765) 973-9225 after 2:00pm